custom bench seating:                                       

Summary of changes

  • Old wood panelling was removed
  • A new gas fireplace was installed and tiled around
  • Stereo wires and HDMI cables were run within the walls
  • Damaged drywall was fixed
  • Windows and doors were replaced
  • Ceiling tile system was replaced
  • New lights installed for optimum lighting
  • Old bar was removed and brand new custom bar was installed
  • New flooring installed
  • All new trim around doors, windows, and base of walls
  • Padded ball pit wall was installed in play room


Full Basement Renovation:                                       



  • Full kitchen renovation, including cabinets, counters, flooring, and tile‚Äč

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Basement Kitchen:                                       


  • Small dining area fitted with custom bench seating

Home Renovations - Basements